Cecilia Haynes

Copywriting      ♦      Photography      ♦     Curriculum Design      ♦     Digital Marketing

Copywriting      ♦      Photography      ♦     Curriculum Design      ♦     Digital Marketing

Boost Your Business

You have a unique product and voice, so let that shine with a professional copywriter and content contributor. My experience with search engine optimization (SEO) will ensure that traffic to your website increases dramatically so that you receive worldwide exposure. Make the most of your corner of the internet and draw in quality customers with quality content.

Invest in Your Company

Working with a social media specialist is not an expense, it is an investment. Engage with your audience and customer base as you become more personable and approachable. Personalized service and an active presence generate trust and repeat customers who will help to promote your business through word of mouth. Advertise effectively with consistent blog posts filled with interesting and helpful information.





Content, Blogging, Technical Writing, Editing

Innovative content to engage your audience and share your brand using your voice.

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Travel, Jewelry, Portraits, Animals

Visually stunning images that represent you and all you have to offer.

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Curriculum Design

Curriculum Design

English Grammar, Creative Writing, Reading Comprehension

Challenge students with effective and immersive lessons that demonstrate real world situations.

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Digital Marketing


Infographics, Consulting, Social Media Outreach

Create a rich network of engagement to interact with your clients while expanding your reach.

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About Me

As a published author and a travel, technical, and copywriter, I am prepared to take on your projects in a creative and professional manner. The daughter of a diplomat, I grew up around the world adapting to new situations as a Third Culture Kid. I live my life as a focused multitasker and digital nomad who thrives on challenges.

Freelancing has taught me the value of marketing and branding as well as the importance of innovation. Perseverance and experimentation are two of the hallmarks of success and I continue to cultivate both with each new assignment and unique collaboration.

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