Adorable Red Tibetan Mastiff Puppies

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The title says it all! As a treat, here are some photos of adorable red Tibetan mastiff puppies. While living in Lhasa during the fall of 2011 for three and a half months, I used to pass by a vet's office every day whenever I left the hotel. Inside there was a giant bear of a Tibetan mastiff (she's the one that I am playing with in the photos) and I always wondered why she/he was there. I assumed that the owner had gone somewhere and was boarding the dog until I saw a spillage of fluffy puppies! I have no idea how she fit so many giant babies in her body...
Giant Tibetan mastiff puppies!


Very sedate red Mastiff


So fluffy!


Their mother had that drugged look as well!


So many adorable mastiffs.


These puppies were surprising calm unlike pug puppies which are insane.


How did they all fit?!


They were so soft


The very cute face of a disgruntled red mastiff puppy


Fiiiiinally curious


These would be great for kids. Completely unfazed.


So adorable!


It's crazy to think how massive these dogs will get.


Sibling solidarity
These were honestly the calmest puppies I have ever seen. Nothing really seemed to rouse them out of a slow stupor. I don't know if this is a breed thing, a genes thing, or just the time of day, but they were basically stuffed animals that occasionally sauntered. Love me some mastiff puppies!
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  • Guest
    Cecilia Haynes Monday, 09 July 2012

    Hi Cindy, They really do look alike in the face a...

    Hi Cindy,They really do look alike in the face and in the fluffiness =)

  • Guest
    Cindy Sunday, 08 July 2012

    They are too cute! TMs remind me quite a bit of N...

    They are too cute! TMs remind me quite a bit of Newfoundands, there's got to be some common genetic material between the two breeds.

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