My Freelancing Adventures: HelpGoAbroad

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Making a living as a freelance writer is not always easy and I often have to take what comes my way. However, sometimes I get lucky and I end up working for an interesting company that encourages travel. Enter HelpGoAbroad
HelpGoAbroad is a website that provides a platform linking travel programs, such as study abroad, teach abroad, volunteer abroad, and intern abroad, with people who are interested in going overseas. Websites, non-profits, schools, universities, and any other organizations that promote travel programs and courses are encouraged to post on the website. These programs are then reviewed and rated by past participants so that people who are interested have an accurate picture of what to expect and which programs will suit their needs. You can find everything on the site from volunteering with sea turtles to interning abroad in top businesses in China. 
HelpGoAbroad also has a section for overseas and international positions in a wide variety of fields, including nursing, teaching, business, and journalism. If you are ready to make the leap to becoming an expat, then that would be a great section for you to explore. There is also a community section which allows people to create profiles, swap stories, and make friends, almost like a travel Facebook. You can even create discussions by asking questions in a communal forum on any subject related to going abroad. 
There is a blog section where current travelers (including me!) post articles on various aspects of moving, living, traveling, studying, and working abroad. This is a way for readers to get a sense of what they have to look forward to and which pitfalls to avoid, like not getting food poisoning. You might want to even consider becoming a blogger for HelpGoAbroad. Just pitch some articles and if your first couple of contributions receive a lot of traffic, then you could become a paid contributor. 
I am currently both a contributing writer as well as a web moderator, so I am familiar with the website’s inner workings. HelpGoAbroad endeavors to provide only quality listings so that applicants will have access to legitimate programs, and so that companies are assured that they will receive serious inquiries and applications. 
This is a new project, but it is one that I am extremely excited about. Follow me here for more of my blog posts and be sure to subscribe to my RSS feed so you do not miss any new ones. 
Check out HelpGoAbroad and work to build a successful and collaborative community!
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  • Guest
    Cecilia Haynes Monday, 07 July 2014

    This is so true! I have found it difficult to sepa...

    This is so true! I have found it difficult to separate work life and tour around life...

  • Guest
    Richard Haynes Monday, 07 July 2014

    The upside is that your office is wherever you can...

    The upside is that your office is wherever you can set your laptop. The downside is that you are always in your office.

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