Curriculum Design


During my time teaching English to children aged 2 to 17 in Hong Kong, I collaborated on and produced curriculum for each and every class. I worked with leading professionals in the field of education while benefiting from firsthand experience with actual students. After leaving the English tutoring center, I continued to create and develop extensive, comprehensive, and systematic curriculum to be taught in English language, grammar, and creative writing courses. I have worked with established readers for vocabulary while also writing stories and engaging material for students.

Please contact me with any potential or ongoing projects that are targeted towards students learning English or preparing for university entrance exams. I am versatile, TEFL certified, and have worked with a diverse range of students internationally.



P1-P2 / First and Second Grade


P3-P4 / Third and Fourth Grade


P5-P6 / Fifth and Sixth Grade


F1-F3 / Middle School to High School