A key to expanding your business and maximizing your profits is audience engagement. Reach diverse groups and populations from around the world using a combination of social media campaigns, concise and informative infographics, well-written newsletters, and a detailed media kit. I am experienced in working across a variety of platforms, such as Pinterest, Instagram, and Tumblr, as well as with design tools such as Adobe Photoshop, InDesign, and Illustrator. As a social media consultant, I will work with you to boost your business.



Social Media



Build a strong customer base using a variety of social media tools for one-on-one engagement and sharing promotions. I will help you develop a strategy for engagement using creative hashtags and visually captivating images. Humor is a trademark of mine and it is a trait that I use to rapidly gain followers.





An important aspect of shareable infographics is access to useful statistics. I research and provide relevant information for infographics that will reach viral status.





I compile a list of your latest articles, newest promotions, and all the most exciting happenings from your company in a weekly newsletter. Not only will you be able to share accomplishments and maintain loyal followers, this is also a great way of introducing new customers to your product.



Media Kit


Develop corporate partnerships, facilitate media coverage, and present all relevant company background in one comprehensive packet. I write all of the content for media kits and sift through your statistics to create the most effective presentation of information.